Is Landscaping Tax Deductible?

Man working on plants in yard.
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Planting flowers or reseeding the lawn might not sound like something you can write off on your tax return, but in some cases you can do just that. The Internal Revenue Service will allow landscaping as a tax deduction or a depreciable expense if you meet the qualifications. Your name must be on the property title as owner. Renters may not deduct landscaping costs even if they pay for them.


Laandscaping As Tax Write-Off

If you work from home as a sole proprietor and meet clients at your home, a portion of the cost of landscaping is deductible as a business expense. The amount is limited to the proportion of your home that is used for business purposes. Landscaping for rental properties you own is not tax deductible, because the IRS counts it as part of your capital investment. However, landscaping is depreciable as long as the land is closely and clearly associated with the rental property and has a useful life of at least one year. You also may write off landscaping from your taxes if it is medically necessary. For example, if a medical professional determines you need to grade the land to make it accessible because you use a wheelchair, it is tax deductible.

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