Tax Deductions for Nurses

Nurses can deduct expenses from their taxes.

As a nurse, some deductions specific to your profession can help you to decrease the total amount of money you have to pay in taxes. Be careful to include only what is allowed by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and to have necessary documentation to prove your deductions, but do not be afraid to find new deductions you can claim. Investigate what you can lawfully deduct and be alert to changes in tax laws.

Uniform and Accessories

You are allowed to deduct the value of what you pay to buy your uniform, as long as your employer did not reimburse you. Expenses related to maintaining your uniform -- such as laundry and tailoring -- are also deductible. If you incur expenses from accessories that your employer requires you to buy, such as special shoes, you can also deduct these expenses. Again, these expenses are only deductible if your employer does not reimburse you.

Professional Fees

Fees you have to pay to a professional association or union that relates to your profession are deductible expenses for you, as are the funds you must pay for liability insurance to protect yourself from malpractice claims. You can also deduct any expenses you have on renewal of your license in order to continue practicing. Expenses for continuing education are deductible if they were required by your employer or if they help you to improve your knowledge or abilities as a nurse.

Traveling Expenses

If your employer requires you to travel, many expenses related to travel are deductible as long as they were not reimbursed by your employer. These expenses include transportation, lodging and necessary meals. Transportation or meals as a result of personal entertainment are not deductible traveling expenses.

Moving Expenses and Job Searching

You can deduct some moving expenses if they are related to getting a new job in another city or state, such as having to pay for a new license required by that state. You can also deduct expenses you incur while looking for job, such as expenses on transportation to a interview, resume-writing expenses or professional fees that you give to job search companies.

Other Deductions

Any expenses on phone calls for business reasons are deductible if they were not reimbursed by employer. Donations you make to not-for-profit charity organizations are also considered deductible from your taxes. Expenses you have for the care of a child or dependent are partially deductible, as are any fees you paid for your tax return preparation for the previous year.

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