How to Find Government Land to Lease

The federal government no longer offers free land for farming.
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If you need land or property for a business, many options are available such as commercial properties and houses that have been rezoned. Government properties are also a viable lease option, as is government-owned land. Local, state and federal government agencies are no different than commercial property managers, in that they sometimes have locations they don't use and can't sell. Find government land to lease by checking various government offices for its availability.


Locating Government Land

Step 1

Contact your the applicable county clerk's office and ask for information on any county land that isn't being used. Look through the properties on the county's unused land list and offer to negotiate a lease on the land. Make a land lease offer to the county's government body for consideration.

Step 2

Contact the applicable state office serving as a clearinghouse for state land available for lease. In many states, land lease offices are known as "land and use departments." State "administrative services departments," or their equivalent, are also offices that may have information on state land leases. Request a copy of land that is for lease or sale from the applicable state. In some cases you can also find land lease listings on a state's land department website.


Step 3

Contact the federal government's Bureau of Land Management to locate federal land offered for lease throughout the country. Narrow down federal government land lease list to locations in which you are interested. Federal land leases are available for cattle grazing, commercial concessions in national parks and forests and for mining and oil and gas development.


Many government land leases are offered through auction and on a competitive basis. Study thoroughly before attempting to secure a government land lease.

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