What Is the FHA 92900-A Form?

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A lot of paperwork goes into obtaining a government-backed mortgage. You sign a loan application addendum known as form 92900-A when applying for a Federal Housing Administration or Veterans Affairs loan; this form certifies to the government that the information on your application is correct.


Form Seeks Government Backing for Loan

You fill out and sign the Uniform Residential Loan Application to apply for financing and you complete the Department of Housing and Urban Development's form 92900-A to request the government's backing for your loan. FHA insurance and a VA guaranty provide the mortgage lender an added measure of protection against default; the government will reimburse a portion of its losses if you don't repay the loan.


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Certifications by Borrower and Lender

Both lenders and borrowers must sign the addendum. By signing the HUD addendum, you certify that you will make all payments on the home loan and that you may become indebted to the federal government if you fail to repay the loan. By signing, the lender certifies that your loan application meets the FHA's guidelines for insurability.