How Do I Cancel a Chase Credit Card?

If you want to close your Chase credit card account because it no longer suits your needs, you can contact Chase customer service. You may also be able to replace the card with a Chase card that's better suited to your spending habits. If you need to cancel your card due to fraud, contact Chase immediately.

How Do I Cancel a Chase Credit Card?
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Closing Your Chase Account

If you want to close your Chase credit card account, call the number on the back of your card to reach Chase customer service. If you are outside the United States, you can also call Chase collect for customer service at no cost to you.

In some cases, closing your credit card account might lower your credit score, so you might want to consider this before closing any account.

Switching to Another Account Type

Chase offers a wide variety of credit card types. Some charge annual fees, while others are free, and different cards offer different types of rewards on different types of purchases. Some also offer other benefits, like special deals such as priority boarding or free baggage check when you're traveling on certain airlines.

In some cases, you might be able to change your Chase card to a different type of Chase card without having to close one card account and open another one. Contact Chase to see if what you plan to do is possible.

Handling Credit Card Fraud

If you suspect there is a fraudulent transaction on your Chase credit card, or your card is lost or stolen, contact Chase immediately. You should also do this if you have accidentally disclosed your credit card number, online banking credentials or other sensitive data about your account, such as in response to a fraudulent phone call or email. Chase might also contact you if the company detects unusual, potentially fraudulent, activity on your credit card account.

If there is fraud on your account or your card is misplaced or stolen, you don't need to end your relationship with Chase altogether, but it's likely Chase will replace your card to prevent further fraudulent charges. In this case, you'll want to contact online merchants and companies where you have scheduled credit payments so that you can provide them with the new card number and expiration date.

If you see a charge on your account that looks incorrect but not fraudulent, like multiple charges from the same merchant for one transaction or a charge where the dollar amount is still wrong, you can still contact Chase to dispute the charge.