How to Make a Credit Card Payment to CitiCard

How to Make a Credit Card Payment to CitiCard
Pay your Citi Card balance online, over the phone or through wire transfer.

How to Pay a Citi Card Online

Log on to

Click the "Register" button under the Home tab to register for an online payment account.

Enter your 16-digit account number in the text box and press the "Continue" button.

Enter in your checking account number and the routing number for your bank under the payments menu.

Enter in the amount you would like to pay and press "Submit."

How to Pay by Phone

Dial 800-950-5114 and enter your 16-digit account number when prompted.

Follow the automated prompts to reach the credit-card payment line.

Enter your payment information and press pound. Write down your confirmation number.

How to Pay by Wire Transfer or Western Union

Visit your local bank and request a wire transfer.

Provide the banker with the amount you are requesting to transfer, and your Citi card's 16-digit account number.

Visit a local Western Union and request the Quick Collect/Quick Pay service for Citi cards.

Provide the Western Union representative with your 16-digit account number and a cash payment to cover your transfer.