How to Search for a Property Value by an Address

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Whether you are checking up on your home's value or that house down the street with the For Sale sign, you can use a street address to find out how much a home is worth. Home value estimators can help you gauge what a capable buyer in the current market is likely to pay for your home.

Internet Tools Help Value Property

Several websites offer tools to estimate property values using only an address. For example, and other national real estate websites use data, such as recent sale prices, provided by multiple listing services. Your property address is linked to land records via the MLS, which allows home value estimators to compare the given address to only those sales that are comparable in size and features.

Specific Information Yields Better Results

Be as specific as possible when inputting an address into a value estimator. Some addresses are straightforward, such as 123 Main Street, City, and State. Apartments, town homes and condominiums may require unit numbers as well, such as Unit 1, B or 2-C, to arrive at an accurate estimate.