How to Check Your Credit Card Limit

Monitoring your credit use is an important part of personal financial management.
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Your credit card limit can change even after you have been issued a card. An unexpected increase or decrease to your limit affects how much credit you have available to use. Look at your statements and get online access to your account. This will help you avoid charging more than you planned as the result of a credit increase, or embarrassing transaction declines at the cash register due to a credit reduction.

Don't Rely On the Offer

You might apply for a credit card and expect to get the credit limit outlined in the offer. But even if you received a "pre-approved" letter in the mail, the credit company will set your limit only after looking at your credit history. Many cards come with a credit range, such as $1,000 to $5,000. You will know what your limit is only once you are approved and receive your card in the mail. When that happens, check the letter to see how much credit you have.

Keep Checking Your Account

Your monthly statements say how much you owe on your card and how much credit you have available. Look at these numbers every month so you know if your credit limit has increased or decreased. To find out where you stand between statements, sign up to check your account online. You can also call the credit card company and ask about your limit.