How to Borrow From a 401(k) Plan

How to Borrow From a 401(k) Plan
Secure a low interest loan by borrowing from a 401k plan.

Ask if the plan administrator offers 401k plan loans. Most administrators offer this loan option; companies aren't required to offer it, however. If the company offers this loan program, request a loan application. Complete the application and return it to the plan administrator.

Choose a loan term. Borrowers have up to five years to pay back a 401k loan. A shorter term will have higher monthly payments. However, it will minimize the total interest paid on the loan. Choose the shortest loan term you can afford.

Ask about the interest rate on the loan. Typically, 401k plans offer low interest rates because the loan is secured by an asset. Interest rates often are set at prime rate (published in The Wall Street Journal) plus 1 percent.

Set up a payroll deduction. Most lenders require a payroll deduction for 401k loan payments. This will require providing bank account information for the lender to make the withdrawals. Withdrawals are typically made with each pay period. For example, if the monthly payment is $500 and you get paid twice monthly, $250 will be taken from each pay period.