How to Cancel Your Prepaid Legal Membership

Prepaid Legal Services Inc. provides legal services to 1.5 million families in the United States.

People worry about the unforeseen cost of legal expenses. Prepaid Legal Services Inc. was one of the first companies in the United States to offer legal expense plans. The plans offered by Prepaid Legal Services Inc. cover a range of legal expenses for a minimum monthly fee. Their plans work similar to HMO-style health insurance, in which you select the amount of coverage you desire. The Prepaid Legal Service may not be right for everyone, and you can cancel your membership if you choose.


Step 1

Contact customer care by calling 1-800-654-7757.

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Step 2

Provide the necessary information to verify your identity. Explain your desire to cancel your membership. Customer service will mail you a cancellation form.

Step 3

Complete the cancellation form and mail it back to the company

Prepaid Legal Services Inc. 1 Pre-Paid Way Ada, Oklahoma 74820


Step 4

Call the customer service department again approximately 10 days after mailing your cancellation form to verify that they received your form and that your request has been completed.


You can also compose your own letter explaining your desire to cancel. Include your full name and signature in your letter. Follow up with the customer service department to verify that your request is completed.