How to Buy Direct Walmart Stock

How to Buy Direct Walmart Stock

Step 1

Visit the Investors page of the Walmart corporate website. Walmart corporate has a separate website from the Walmart stores. (See Resources for link.)

Step 2

Follow the link on the Investors page to the stock purchase program. The link is located under Shareholder Services in the left column menu. A second link through takes you to the Walmart stock purchase plan administered by ComputerShare.

Step 3

Review the details of the Walmart investment plan, including fees and minimums. The link for Plan Brochure provides a PDF file with additional details you can read or print.

Step 4

Download and print the account application. The link for the application is located next to Enrollment Form and the link is titled View and Print.

Step 5

Complete the form and mail it to ComputerShare with a check for your first stock purchase. If you set up an automatic investment plan the minimum is $25, otherwise $250. Add $20 to your check for the account setup fee.