How to Calculate Indiana Taxes Deducted From a Paycheck

Visit the Paycheck city website, Under "basic" choose either the "salary" or "hourly" paycheck calculator. For the salary calculator, you need to know your annual salary amount, where you just need to know your hourly pay rate for the hourly paycheck calculator. These are both free calculators.

Select "Indiana" from the state drop-down menu at the top. Enter in your pay details, either salary or hourly amount. Also enter in the number of hours that will be on your paycheck, your federal filing status, your state filing status and any pretax deductions that come out of your gross pay. Pretax deductions include things such as health insurance and retirement plan deductions.

Click on "Calculate" to see the results. You will see a breakdown listed using the pay data that you entered. In the "paycheck results" column, look for the amount by "Indiana" to see the calculated amount of Indiana taxes deducted from a paycheck. If you have forgotten to select your state before pressing "Calculate" you will see "Arizona" instead because that is the default state. Just go back a page to select "Indiana" and try to calculate again.