How to Block an SBI ATM Card

Verify your transactions by comparing receipts to your statements.
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If your State Bank of India ATM card was compromised online, your identity was stolen or someone got access to your card illegally, you need to block it immediately. Unless you report a stolen or compromised card to the bank immediately, you might have trouble proving you did not make the charges that appear on your card. A good practice to institute to ensure card security begins with balancing your account daily. When you see charges you do not recognize, contact the bank.

Step 1

Call the SBI helpline number as soon as you notice that your card has been misplaced, lost or stolen. Call the toll-free numbers 1-800-425-3800 or 1-800-11-22-11 or the land-line number +91-80-26599990. The toll-free numbers are always active. Inform the helpline staff about your situation and ask them to block and deactivate your SBI ATM card.

Step 2

Answer the security questions asked by the helpline staff for verification and authentication of your identity. You may be asked simple personal questions like the name of your father, the maiden name of your mother, your date of birth or your marriage date to ascertain your identity. Once your identity is authenticated, your request for blocking the SBI ATM card will be processed. The helpline staff will also provide you a system-generated unique ticket number. It is advisable to note your SBI ATM card details in your personal diary, including your card number, card-issuing SBI branch name, branch code and your SBI account number as these details might be required at the time of requesting deactivation of your lost or stolen card.

Step 3

Call the SBI branch that issued the SBI ATM card to you and explain to them the loss of your card.

Step 4

Write to your SBI ATM card-issuing branch, requesting them to deactivate and block your card. Use white paper and a blue or black pen for this purpose. If you are interested in a fresh ATM card, you should mention it in your letter, too. You would be charged a new ATM card for a fee. If your misplaced card resurfaces and you have not yet applied for a fresh ATM card, then you can write to the card-issuing SBI branch and request them to reactivate your blocked card.


If you are unable to contact the helpline or the land line of the contact center, then you can directly walk into any SBI branch that is closest to you and report your situation, followed by a placing a request for blocking your SBI ATM card. You would need to provide them with details such as your SBI account number, card-issuing SBI branch code, name of the branch, or your SBI ATM card number. They will process your request and get your card blocked immediately.


Always store your ATM card in a safe spot and never leave it where someone else can access it.

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