How to Transfer a Credit Limit

Credit card limits can be transferred to cards from the same issuer.

If you need an immediate increase to the account limit on one of your credit cards. you might be able to have all or a portion of this amount transferred to another card. Some credit card companies will complete this process only if both credit cards have been issued by them, and there may be other stipulations. Check with your issuer for further details.

Step 1

Call the credit-card company's customer service department. The phone number is located on your monthly statement or the back of your credit card. Tell the representative you wish to transfer a portion of one credit card's account limit to another card. These credit cards may need to have been issued by the same company in order for this process to work.

Step 2

Let the representative know which account should have a portion of its limit transferred to another. Give her the last four digits of the card that will have its limit reduced. That portion of your credit limit will be added to your other credit card.

Step 3

Make sure the process has been completed to your satisfaction. Verify with the representative the new credit limit for both credit cards. You will still have the same amount of credit when you add the credit limits together. For example if both credit cards had limits of $5,000 before your transfer, one may now have a limit of $6,000 and the other $4,000, but they still equal $10,000.


The total credit limit from one credit card can be transferred to the other card if the balance is zero. When you receive your credit card statements after making the transfer requests, make sure the credit limits are correct. You cannot transfer a credit limit from a credit card issued by one company to a credit card issued by another company.


If you are transferring a portion of a credit card limit on an account with a balance, make sure the limit is not too close to the balance. You could go over the new, lower limit when finance charges are billed to your account. For example if you have a credit card with a limit of $5,000 and a balance of $3,975 and you transfer $1,000 of the limit to another card your new limit will be $4,000. With a balance of $3,975 it will not take much to go over the limit.