The Average Cost of Renter's Insurance in Florida

Renter's insurance is important in Florida to protect against extreme weather conditions.

The Florida coast is susceptible to extreme weather conditions as a result of hurricanes. High winds, hail and rain are just a few of the reasons renter's insurance in Florida is important. Renter's insurance covers you and your property as well as guests and their property in the event it becomes damaged or stolen.


Average Cost

The average cost of renter's insurance in Florida is approximately $12 a month for about $30,000 of property coverage and $100,000 of liability coverage. You can determine if this coverage is sufficient by adding up the value of the items in your home.


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The items in your home that you may want to cover include furniture, computers, electronics, clothing and jewelry. Include any other high priced item that you would need or want to replace in the event of any disaster.


Property Coverage Incidents

Homes located near the inland sections of Florida may not be as vulnerable to weather damage but property coverage is also important in the event of an electrical surge, vandalism, smoke or water damage from home appliances. Almost any damage that is not intentionally inflicted by you on your property is covered by your Florida renter's insurance.


Liability Coverage

Liability coverage protects you from paying medical bills out of pocket in case someone becomes injured in your home. The liability coverage will pay the other party's medical bills and court costs if you are subsequently sued as a result of the incident. If their property is damaged accidentally, liability coverage will pay the repair costs.


Associated Expenses

Some Florida renter's insurance policies also pays for temporary housing, meal costs and other related expenses if damage covered by the insurance makes your home unlivable. Personal items that are covered by the insurance policy but are lost or stolen while outside of the home may qualify for reimbursement through this renter's insurance as well.



Rental insurance in Florida is important because your landlord's insurance will not cover your belongings unless the landlord's property is found to be the cause of damage. For instance, if the building's plumbing is faulty and the resulting water ruined your property, you may get reimbursement from the landlord's insurance provider, but this often has to be proven in court and it may take many months to see any reimbursement.