How to Find Out If Someone Has Had an Eviction

How to Find Out If Someone Has Had an Eviction
Find out if someone has had an eviction.

Step 1

Call the person's previous landlords and ask them if the individual was evicted from their properties. Look at the person's rental or job application for the list of previous landlords and their phone numbers that you received from your prospective tenant or employee. Talk with a leasing officer at each landlord office, fax them the signed background check consent form if necessary, and ask whether the individual has been evicted. Make sure the signed consent form states that the prospective tenant or employee allows you to research his tenant and eviction history.

Step 2

Check court records for evictions by clicking on the link in the Resources section for the National Center for State Courts. Scroll down to find the state in which the person has lived, click on the link to county courts and click on the county in which the person lived. Click on the link for the county's civil clerk of courts. Eviction proceedings are typically civil matters.

Step 3

Select Case Search on the county clerk of court's website for the county in which the individual lived by clicking on the Case Search link. Type in the last name of the individual in the form field labeled "Last Name." Type in the first name of the person in the form field labeled "First Name." Click Search Records.

Step 4

Scroll through the results of your search. Often, there are several people of the same name on the court records. Find the cases that match those of the individual you are searching by matching the birthdate of the individual with the birthdates on the date of birth column on the search result listings. Click on the first link that matches your name with the correct birth date.

Step 5

Review the information of the case by reading the dockets and case information listings. If the individual is a defendant in a case against a real estate company, look for the words "Eviction Hearing." If you see this, then you know that the person has had an eviction.

Step 6

Repeat Steps 2 through 6 for each of the previous addresses you have for the individual you are researching.