Canada Child Tax Benefit

Canada provides financial assistance for families with children.

The Canada Child Tax Benefit is a monthly payment made by the Canadian government to assist families caring for children under the age of 18.



To receive the Canada Child Tax Benefit, you must live with and be the primary caregiver for a child who is under 18 years of age. You must also be a Canadian resident.

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You should apply for the Canada Child Tax Benefit as soon as your child is born or starts to live with you. To apply, you must fill out a Canada Child Benefits Application (Form RC66) and submit it to the Canada Revenue Agency.


Benefit Amount

As of 2010, the benefit pays $111.66 per month for each child, with a supplement of $7.75 per month for your third child and each additional child beyond your third. The benefit amount is reduced if your family's net income is over $40,726.

Payment Schedule

The Canada Child Tax Benefit is paid generally on the 20th of each month, beginning one month after you become eligible.


Other Benefits

Some families may also be eligible for the National Child Benefit Supplement and the Child Disability Benefit.


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