How to Get Free Online Coupons for Pizza Hut

Check Current Pizza Hut Deals

Pizza Hut constantly updates the Deals section of the company website with promotional offers for pizzas, wings, bread sticks, desserts and other sides. Many of the offers are at limited-time discounted prices and some are available only online. To take advantage of a deal, click the Order Now button to add the offer to your cart.

Sign up for Hut Lovers

Register for Pizza Hut's Hut Lovers mailing list and the company will send you online coupons and special deals by email. To sign up, navigate to the registration page, enter your personal information and click "Create Account_."_ You can opt in to the Hut Lovers program and choose your contact preference by clicking "Email Only" or "Email and Text Message" near the end of the Web form.


Check coupon expiration dates, store exclusions and other restrictions before you try to use an online Pizza Hut coupon in a restaurant.

Look at Online Coupon Websites

A variety of coupon websites, like Groupon, RetailMeNot <ahref="http:"" view="""=""> </ahref="http:>and CouponBox post online coupons and codes that you can use on your Pizza Hut order. Many coupon websites allow anonymous users to submit coupons, though, so the coupons may not all be legitimate. You're best off using coupons that have been verified by the coupon site or by other users.

Set Deal Alerts for Pizza Hut Coupons

If you don't want to spend the time sorting through coupons and deals, let a deal alert program do the work for you. Deal sites like SlickDeals <ahref="https:"" "=""> </ahref="https:>allow users to add deal alerts for a certain product or store. The website will send you a notice when another user posts a deal for Pizza Hut or will notify you when a certain Pizza Hut deal is highly popular with other users. To create a deal alert, create a SlickDeals account from the Deal Alert page, add a deal alert for Pizza Hut and choose your notification preferences.