How to Get a Comcast Discount

Cable television can be expensive. It may be seen as a luxury and not a necessity, but most people seem to feel as though they can’t live without it. While getting a discount on your Comcast cable service may seem like an impossible task, there are ways you can lower your rates.

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Go online and visit the Comcast website ( You can often find discounts on the front page of the site. Deals will often include discounts on bundles of cable, phone and Internet as well as individual packages. Bundles may represent the best value for money. If you accept one of the discounts, you will most likely be asked to sign a year-long contract.

Call your local Comcast office and talk to a customer service representative. Ask about current discounts and package deals. These discounts may vary from what is offered online and often change monthly. If Comcast is not currently offering a discount you like, ask for what you specifically want. Some representatives can offer special discounts that are not advertised.

Explain to the Comcast customer service representative that you are thinking about canceling your cable. You may be offered a heavy discount on your existing cable or offered a discount on an upgrade to your service.