How to Buy Land for a Manufactured Home

Decide where you want to live. If you want to live in a mobile home park, you may have some difficulty - vacant spaces are often at a premium. You may have to look outside metropolitan areas for vacant parcels.

Decide how much land you need. Do you want to set up a farm or ranch and have lots of space for animals? Or do you want just enough room for your home and a small yard?

Check the local newspaper for Land for Sale listings if you are interested in living on a parcel of land, whether big or small. Call a local real estate company, drive around areas you like and look for For Sale signs.

See if there are other manufactured homes in the area. If not, you may have difficulty obtaining financing or refinancing. Lenders like to see continuity in an area in which they are going to lend.

Get a loan; start with your own lending institution, then check the yellow pages under Banks, Savings & Loans and Real Estate loans. Also check on the Internet.

Make your offer directly to the owner if there is no agent involved in the transaction; otherwise, have an agent write the offer for you or give your offer to the agent representing the seller.