How to Get a Pre-Income Tax Loan

How to Get a Pre-Income Tax Loan
Get a Pre-Income Tax Loan

Search for tax services or lending services in the telephone directory or on the Internet to find a refund anticipation loan provider.

Bring the tax service your latest paycheck stub. A pre-tax income loan will be based on your year-to-date earnings and amount you have paid in federal taxes. The year's final check stub will maximize the amount of the refund anticipation loan available.

Gather any receipts if you plan on itemizing your expenses. Itemizing allows you to reduce your federal taxable wages, thus increasing the chance you will receive a refund. The tax service will also need any W-2 or 1099 forms when you receive them from your employer.

Sign your loan agreement, which is a contract between you and the tax service that is extending credit. Under the agreement, the credit will be repaid when you receive your federal income tax refund. The tax service will deduct the payoff amount of your loan and issue you the remainder of your refund.