How to Rent Houses Cheap

Rent Houses Cheap

Let's face it, not everyone is in the market to buy a home. Many people are looking to rent houses cheap. And better yet, sometimes renting a home can lead to buying the home particularly with the concept of rent with option to buy (which must be negotiated prior or during the rental period). But locating houses to rent for cheap is easy. You just need to look in the right places.

Step 1

Check Craigslist and other online local listing portals to find great options to rent houses cheap. Many times people who list houses to rent for cheap are in a bind and frankly in a hurry. These are also the same people who may even be open to negotiate the rental cost of the home especially if you can make it worth your potential landlord's while.

Step 2

Ask for a reduced price, once you have located a classified listing for rock bottom prices, especially considering that the home hasn't gotten very many offers for rent or some other background or credit check has fallen through for the other potential tenants. Rent houses cheap means that you may need to do quite a bit of upfront negotiation.

Step 3

If you're potential landlord has said no to a reduced rental price, negotiate from their resistance.

Notice if the place needs any additional work. Offer to perform repairs like painting, landscaping etc. Performing repairs should give your potential landlord some sense of comfort in that you are a worthy tenant who wants t keep the place up. When taking a tour of the house, keep in mind all the needed repairs that the place may need and come up with a fair price based on future plans for upkeep and repairs.