How to Find My Dentist's Tax ID Number

If you need it, you can find your dentist's tax ID number.

Tax ID numbers (TIN) are unique nine-digit numbers assigned to companies or individuals by the IRS. Private businesses, such as dentists' offices, will also have tax ID numbers. These numbers are used by the company or individual to pay taxes, file insurance claims, hire employees and open business bank accounts. It may sometimes be necessary to find an unknown TIN for tax and other financial purposes. There are a few ways to approach locating a tax ID number.


Step 1

Check an invoice or bill from your dentist. The number may be listed as the dentist's ID number or as the TIN. This number is generally included on an invoice for insurance purposes.

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Step 2

Contact your dental insurance company. Your dentist uses the TIN to file insurance claims, which will be on record with your insurance company. You may also receive statements from your insurance company that list the dentist's tax ID number.


Step 3

Search the EDGAR database established by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). All public companies and many private companies are required to file financial reports with the SEC annually. The EDGAR database was established to provide transparency of corporate finances to the public. The database is free to use.



Step 4

Call your dentist's office. Because the tax ID number is used for filing dental insurance claims and making tax claims related to annual medical expenses, your dentist should make this information readily available to patients.


There are many private companies that will locate a TIN for a fee. This should be a last resort because tax ID numbers are generally publicly available due to federal regulation.



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