How to Get Free, Printable Grocery Coupons

Free printed and/or printable grocery coupons abound -- even in unlikely places.
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You don't have to be an extreme couponer to take advantage of free, print-at-home coupons to apply to your next grocery purchase. Even the occasional coupon-clipper can benefit from browsing websites, hunting for discarded coupons or requesting a coupon from a manufacturer. By printing or rustling up these coupons, you can knock a significant percentage off your grocery bill.

Coupon Websites

If you're seeking a variety of free, printable grocery coupons on a centralized coupon-generating website, look to coupon sites such as, Smart Source, Common Kindness, Hopster and Red Plum. These sites host coupons from major brands and update regularly. Some coupon sites have specific focuses, such as Mambo Sprouts, whose coupons are tailored to natural and organic grocery shoppers. Personal finance website Money Crashers recommends coupon lifestyle websites such as Live Fabuless and Money Saving Queen as additional sources of coupon-finding guidance.

Grocery Store Websites

While centralized coupon sites offer some of the same printable coupons that grocery-store websites do, the latter give you manufacturer or in-store coupons that the coupon websites may not. Go directly to the website and/or your physical local supermarket for those deals. At the latter, watch for free in-store coupon books but note the coupon policies of each store: for example, whether they double coupons or limit doubling, if they honor competitors' coupons or how they deal with coupons during buy-one-get-one-free offers.

Brand-Specific Sites

If you often buy a particular product or brand and do not see coupons for it on a general coupon website, you can do several things to garner free, printable coupons for that brand. You can go to the brand's website and hunt for a coupon; sign up for its newsletter, in which case you could receive exclusive coupons for subscribing; check the brand's Facebook page for new-product promotions involving coupons; and send an email to the company asking about its latest coupon offers.

Often Overlooked Sources of Coupons

It's a coupon jungle out there, and coupons may be lurking in unsuspected places. You don't have to print the coupon at home if you find one at a local post office, doctor's office or convenience store, for example. At the post office, you may find circulars and inserts with coupons; at the doctor's office, you may find coupons in magazines; at convenience stores, manufacturers may offer coupons in the form of "peelies" (adhesive coupons on packages), tear pads and blinking dispensers in the store's aisles.