How to Get Credit Cards With CVV2 Numbers

No matter what your credit score is and if you have had financial troubles in the past, there will be a credit card out there for you. Some cards are just out there to help you establish credit and build your score, while others can give you points and rewards for using the card. Whatever credit card you want or apply for, it will have a CVV2 (card verification value 2) number on it, which is just another form of protection and identification the card uses.


Step 1

Navigate online to a credit card company you would like to use (such as, or There are a wide variety of different credit cards to choose from on these sites, all with a number of different benefits.

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Step 2

Select a card you would like to apply for. Fill out your name, mailing address, Social Security number (so they can perform a credit check) and job history. You will be told within a few minutes if you have been approved for the card or not.


Step 3

Look through the message the credit card sent you. If you were rejected for the card, they will suggest other cards that would better fit your needs. These cards you would most likely be approved for.

Step 4

Apply for one of these cards, and once you are approved, it will be mailed to you and you should receive it in a week or two.

Step 5

Open the package containing the credit card. There will be a sticker on it with a number you will need to call to activate it. Call the number and you will be asked to type or say the number of the credit card. Once this has been completed, the card will be activated and ready for use.


Step 6

Look on the back of the card if it is a Visa or MasterCard. Above where you can sign the card, there is a series of numbers. The last three numbers on the right are the CVV2 numbers. If you have an American Express card, the CVV2 numbers can be found on the front of the card above the full card number. It is a four-digit number and generally smaller than the rest of the print so it is not easily confused.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Internet Access

  • Social Security number