Where to Get IRS 1099 Forms

Where to Get IRS 1099 Forms
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Obtaining 1099 forms can be a source of confusion for businesses. These forms are not available at places like libraries or post offices; in fact, IRS offices may not even have them on hand.

Information Forms

IRS 1099 forms are considered "information only" forms. Unlike the majority of federal tax forms, they can't be downloaded from the IRS website and printed from a standard printer. They can only be obtained by a few methods due to their format.


1099 forms can't be printed on a personal computer printer because they must be machine readable and require special ink and paper; they must be printed following precise guidelines. Companies can even be fined $50 per copy for printing them outside these parameters.

Order Online

1099 forms can be ordered from the IRS website. A link to the ordering page on the IRS' website is provided in the Resource section below.

Order by Phone

Like other tax forms, 1099 forms can also be ordered by phone. The number is 1-800-829-3676, or 1-800-TAX-FORM.


The Tax Products DVD includes relevant information and forms for the current tax year and some forms from previous years. It does include 1099 forms, but only for informational purposes. The instructions can be viewed on the DVD, including printing and submission guidelines.