How to Direct Buy Nike Stock

Nike is the growth-oriented maker of athletic shoes, sportswear and sporting equipment famous for the big-name athletes it recruits to pitch its products. Funded in 1964 in Oregon, Nike is the U.S. leader in the athletic clothing industry. You can easily invest in Nike through any broker, since Nike is an NYSE-listed company (stock symbol NKE). However, Nike is also one of a growing number of corporations offering a direct stock purchase plan (DSPP) through which you can direct buy Nike stock and pay much lower transaction fees and commissions.


Step 1

Obtain and read the plan brochure carefully before you enroll in the Nike DSPP. This brochure discloses the full terms and conditions of the Nike DSPP, including current fees. It is available for download through Nike's transfer agent, ComputerShare (see link below) or you may request the brochure and enrollment form by mail by calling ComputerShare at (800) 756-8200.

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Step 2

Decide what investment method you want to use and how much you wish to invest. Your initial investment must be by check, but after that you can deposit money by check or through electronic debiting. The cost for electronic debiting is less. As of 2009 each transaction cost 3 cents per share plus $2 (electronic debit) or $5 (by check). The minimum initial investment is $500, but this may be paid in 10 $50 monthly installments through automatic debiting of your bank account.


Step 3

Download and complete the enrollment form and send it to the address shown. You must provide your name, address and Social Security number. You also need to give your bank account information and fill out a debit authorization form to set up electronic transfer payments. Include a check for your initial investment plus $10 for the setup fee (this is a one-time charge). Make the check payable to ComputerShare. Drop the enrollment form in the mail and you are on your way to becoming a Nike stockholder.


Fees for selling stock from the Nike DSPP are higher (this is typical of direct stock purchase plans). A sale will cost $15 to $25 plus 12 cents/share (as of 2009).

As with any investment, research the current condition of the company before you buy. Nike is investor-friendly and maintains an excellent Investor Relations section on its website (link below). There you will find the annual report, SEC filings, stock information, history and updates, and details of shareholder services.

Things You'll Need

  • Bank account

  • $50/month to invest