How to Add a Lien Holder

If you finance or lease a new vehicle, or use your vehicle as collateral for another type of loan, you must add the new lien holder to your insurance policy. Once you have established a financial relationship with your new lien holder, the lien holder may also require that you update or change your insurance coverages.


Step 1

Gather your lien holder and policy information. Make sure you have the lien holder's account number, mailing address and fax number available.

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Step 2

Contact your insurance carrier through your agent or the customer service department.

Step 3

Tell the representative or agent that you want to add a new lien holder to your insurance policy. Discuss the coverages that the lien holder requires. If your insurance coverage does not meet the requirements of the new lien holder, update the coverages based on your representative's recommendations.


Step 4

Provide the lien holder's information to your insurance representative. Once the change is complete, the carrier will mail a copy of the acknowledgment to the lien holder. Generally, if you need immediate certification, the insurance company can fax a temporary certificate to the lien holder.

Step 5

Contact the lien holder to indicate the endorsement has been processed. Provide the lien holder with the insurance carrier's contact information. Inform the lien holder of when certification will arrive.


Discuss any required policy changes with your insurance agent or representative before finalizing your lien holder agreement.


After being added to your policy, your lien holder will be notified of any policy changes or lapses that occur.

Things You'll Need

  • Insurance policy number

  • Insurance customer service or agent phone number

  • Lien holder's full address, phone number and fax number

  • Lien holder account number