How to Apply for a Nordstrom Credit Card

A Nordstrom credit card allows you to charge any purchase made at Nordstrom or and pay the balance at a later date. Nordstrom credit card holders also have access to a range of perks, such as enrollment in Nordstrom Fashion Rewards. Perks of this program, include sneak peak sales, bonus points toward purchases and free shipping on select items from Applying for a Nordstrom credit card is an easy process; you will not have to wait long for approval.

Step 1

Go online to the Nordstrom Bank website to start the application process. You will also later use this site to manage your account and view your rewards.

Step 2

Compare the different types of Nordstrom credit cards available. Your selections include Nordstrom Visa, Nordstrom Platinum Visa and Nordstrom Retail. The Visa cards you can use outside the store, while the retail card has to be used exclusively for Nordstrom.

Step 3

Read the terms and conditions of the Nordstrom credit card prior to applying. Nordstrom separates its interest rates into 5 different tiers. The higher the tier, the higher APR you will have. Based on your credit history, Nordstrom will determine your tier level.

Step 4

Fill out the required information on the Nordstrom application form. You need to give your contact details, Social Security number and driver's license identification number. Type your name to sign the application electronically.

Step 5

You will be notified by mail whether you have been approved and how much your credit limit will be. The Nordstrom credit card will be mailed to your home and require phone activation prior to use.


You can also apply for a Nordstrom credit card in stores. The retail clerk can enter your details into its computer and open an account for you within a few minutes.