How to Become an ATM Owner

Automated teller machines, or ATMs, can be veritable cash cows for businesses with large amounts of foot traffic. Because ATMs typically generate anywhere from $1 to $2.50 from every transaction, owning one of these machines can be a lucrative venture.


Become an ATM Owner

Step 1

Several quality ATM companies, including ATM4Less and AmericaOne, are available on the Internet, but we will use for this guide due to its merchant-friendly approach and ease of interaction.

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Step 2

Access and complete the "Buy/Lease ATM" form, whose link is about a fifth of the way down the page, in the far right column. This link will lead to a web page where you can select which ATM best suits your business location. While most merchants will simply complete the top portion of the form, you may select the exact vendor and model if you have extensive familiarity with ATM functions.


Step 3

Once you complete the form, your selections will be forwarded to a sales consultant who will contact you to verify the appropriate machine for your location. Because the options and capabilities of ATMs differ considerably from machine to machine, it is important to confirm that the appropriate machine is selected. The sales consultant will typically contact you within 48 hours, though this contact may take a little longer in some cases.

Step 4

Sign the necessary agreements. ATM equipment is expensive and represents a considerable investment by both the vendor and the merchant, so a modest amount of paperwork is required before the machine is delivered. The sales consultant will point you to the relevant paperwork depending on your machine selection; be sure to read the agreement thoroughly before signing and returning it.


Step 5

Prepare for the machine's arrival. Once your order is complete, your ATM should be shipped within one business day and arrive shortly thereafter. Be sure to clear a space in a high-traffic area of your location where customers can safely and conveniently use the machine, and make sure the machine will have access to both a 110-volt electrical outlet and a standard telephone line (if necessary, contact the telephone company to have a new, dedicated telephone line installed). Depending on the model of machine, it may be able to use Wi-Fi Internet access rather than dial-up.

Step 6

Accept delivery of the machine. When the machine is delivered, a representative from ATM Experts should arrive to ensure the machine is properly configured to access relevant merchant accounts and that all options function correctly. The representative will answer any questions you may have, and stock the machine with cash. When the machine is verified and stocked, your new ATM is ready to use.


Printing signage for your store or location to advertise the new ATM will encourage customers to use it. The more frequently your customers use the new ATM, the more profitable the machine will become.


Be sure to provide adequate security for your new ATM, as the large amounts of cash contained in the machine may make it a target for vandalism or theft.

Things You'll Need

  • High-traffic location

  • Telephone line or Internet access

  • Electrical hookup

  • Investment funds for initial purchase price