What Is a Visa Signature Credit Card?

The Visa Signature card rewards customers for spending money.
Image Credit: JGI/Blend Images/Getty Images

The Visa Signature credit card is marketed by Visa as the card that goes beyond ordinary rewards. This premium rewards card is issued by various banks and businesses and carries the Visa logo.

Perks of Visa Signature

While the actual perks you receive vary, based on the issuer, they are considered premium rewards. Rewards generally include a travel benefit such as miles or hotel rewards, cash back for purchases made with the card or retail rewards at specific retailers. For example, British Airways, Southwest Airlines and United offer a Visa Signature card that earns rewards such as airline miles, free airline tickets, free checked baggage or access to a private airport lounge. Nordstrom offers Visa Signature cardholders early access to sales and the ability to accrue points for purchases toward Nordstrom Notes, which can be used to purchase merchandise from the company's stores. Some cards may give you cash back on all your purchases.

Cardholder Benefits

Benefits of the card vary, depending on the issuer. Cardholders should read the Guide to Benefits they receive with their card or call the card issuer to learn the full details about their specific card. Possible benefits of the Visa Signature card include auto rental collision damage waiver, lost luggage reimbursement, roadside assistance, travel accident insurance, warranty manager service, purchase security, lost/stolen card reporting, zero liability for unauthorized use of your card and 24-hour emergency services.

Identifying a Visa Signature Card

Since there are many issuers, Visa Signature cards vary greatly in appearance. Look for "Visa Signature" written on the front of the card. Some people may have a Visa Signature card from their bank or credit card company and not even realize it. It may say "Signature" near the Visa logo standard on all Visa credit cards; or it could be printed across the front of the card.

Spending Limit, Or Not?

Card issuers determine the spending limit associated with the Visa Signature card, similarly to any other type of credit card. Some issuers may offer no preset spending limit, whereas others have a limit based on your income and credit score. No preset spending limit does not necessarily mean unlimited spending. U.S. Bank offers the Skypass Visa Signature card with no preset spending limit. However, the fine print states that authorizations are based on information such as account history, credit report, income and assets.