How to Be Covered Under Health Insurance When Changing Jobs

The prospect of losing benefits is a hard part of the decision to switch companies. If you have a medical condition, the decision becomes even more difficult. If you want coverage under health insurance when changing jobs, you need to follow specific steps when you switch. It's very risky to switch companies and not carry some type of insurance, plus it denies you some coverage when you apply for insurance at your next position.

Step 1

Examine your family's health. If everyone is in good health there are several options available to you for health coverage. If you have a preexisting condition, you need to contact your human resources department and request information on COBRA. By law, the employer must notify you, but it doesn't hurt to take a proactive stance.

Step 2

Pay for the COBRA coverage. Once you have the coverage in place, the insurance company for your next job has to accept you under the Insurance Portability Act. Protecting your insurance is important if your health is poor, not just because of a claim but also for the protection of future coverage.

Step 3

Check out some short-term health policies if your family is in good health. Short-term health insurance is for people between jobs and coverage. You pay a premium for the number of months for which you want coverage and have an option to renew it once or twice, depending on the company's rules.

Step 4

Ask your human resources person for brochures. Having a brochure doesn't mean that your HR person recommends the coverage. The brochure is actually the application and it normally goes into effect on the postmark date on your envelope if you mail it into the company. You'll find the rates are less expensive than COBRA coverage most of the time.

Step 5

Call your local car insurance or life insurance representative. Most of the time, these people offer short-term health insurance. They also can help you roll your pension or 401(K) when you leave.

Step 6

Find online quotes for short-term health policies. There are quite a few companies that offer the policies both online and with local agents. If you don't like to purchase online, at least it gives you an idea of the cost. You'll find one company that carries short-term health insurance in the research area.

Step 7

Investigate the possibility of getting coverage from your spouse's employer. Sometimes people use one spouse's insurance coverage because it is either a better plan or the employer pays more of the insurance. When they change jobs, they forget that the option is still available. See what is necessary to join the company's insurance plan.

Things You'll Need

  • Phone number of the HR department

  • Short term health brochure