How to Try Claiming Unclaimed Money, Free

States hold unclaimed money.

State governments hold millions of dollars worth of unclaimed funds -- money left behind in old bank accounts and insurance policies, for example. To determine if you have any unclaimed money, visit, the website of the National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators.

Step 1

List all of the states you've lived in as an adult before beginning your search. Past addresses will be necessary if your name is common. Tip: Start your search with the states where you lived the longest as those will likely yield the best results.

Step 2

Use the website's state-by-state directory to find the states in which you lived.

Step 3

Use your first initial and last name to search for unclaimed money that may be yours. If the search results are too broad, use your first name instead of just the initial.

Step 4

Check unclaimed money listings that seem to match you. Is the address listed one you recognize? If there is no address listed, but the name and city match, you'll have to fill out a form to delve deeper.

Step 5

Learn the process for claiming unclaimed money free in your state. Some have online inquiry forms you can submit, while others require that you print out a paper form and fill it out before mailing it to the specified office.

Step 6

Fill out a request for each unclaimed money listing you believe is yours. You may need to attach further documentation, such as proof of prior address or date of birth.

Step 7

Respond to requests for further information from the state treasurer if a potential match requires more proof of ownership.