How to Save Money On Groceries: Spend Only 100 Dollars Per Month and Feed a Family of Four

With economic unrest, many people are looking for ways to renovate their budgets and free up some extra cash. I recently talked with a friend who feeds a family of four for under $100 per month, but the clincher is that she isn't feeding them boxed macaroni and cheese! She is deeply concerned with the health of her family. The following are her grocery budget tips:

Step 1

Buy in bulk! Budget $5 per month for items such as beans, whole wheat flour, flax seed etc. The items needed may change monthly, but the budget will remain the same.

Step 2

Limit meats to $40 per month. Cooking with a lot of beans and brown rice is a great way to get quality protein on a limited budget. Also, soups made from scratch with homemade chicken broth and white beans make a delicious meal.

Step 3

Allow $10 for fresh vegetables every two weeks. In the summer months investing in a small garden, or even purchasing one tomato plant and growing it in a pot can help save tremendously on groceries. Also, look into gleaners groups near you for a great way to help others while also getting free locally grown produce.

Step 4

Spending $10 per month on bread is easy if you shop at a bread outlet bakery. They often carry everything from rolls to tortillas, and freezing your purchases will ensure they stay fresh.

Step 5

The remaining $25 will go to other items such as milk and eggs. See if there is a Grocery Outlet in your area. Their customer service is excellent, they bag your groceries, and the savings is remarkable.


Avoid eating out Pack lunches

Things You'll Need

  • The Monthly Budget:

  • $40 Meats

  • $20 Fresh Vegetables

  • $10 Breads

  • $5 Bulk Foods

  • $25 Other