How To Write a Bank Check in 30 Seconds

How To Write a Bank Check in 30 Seconds
Preprinted bank checks can be written quickly.

Step 1

Date the check in the upper right hand corner. A 1/1/09 format is fine.

Step 2

Endorse the check to the payee. If you are shopping at Target, you will need to endorse the check to Target. So on the line that says "Pay to the order of" you would simply write, "Target". If it is a smaller business or an individual, you may need to ask the person who you should write the check out to.

Step 3

Write the amount of the check payment numerically on the box next to the endorsement line, and spell out the amount in words on the line below the endorsement. If the amount is $50, then you would write "Fifty dollars and 00/100". The amount must be written out in words and the cents at the end. For example if it were $50.25 then it would look like this "Fifty dollars and 25/100". Draw a line between this and the end of the line to ensure that nothing more can be written there after you have handed over your check.

Step 4

At the bottom left corner of the check you have a "memo" line. This is where you can write what you are purchasing or what services you are paying for. If you are paying to have your dog groomed, then simply put "Dog grooming".

Step 5

Sign your name on the bottom right line of the check. Sign your name in the format that the bank has your name listed. Without your signature, the bank will not honor the payment request.

Step 6

Remember to write the check number, the amount, and who the check was written to in the check register.