How to Sell Your House without Hiring a Realtor

You can sell your home yourself without a Realtor, but doing so will make a little extra legwork for you. For example, you'll have to do a bit of research and repair, then you plan and wait for a buyer, but if you have the time and determination, it can save you money.

Step 1

Prepare your home for sale. Clean out clutter, organize closets, freshen paint, repair small issues and deep clean the house. When you think that it is ready, call a friend who will be honest with you and have him walk through with a fresh pair of eyes. He will inevitably have a few more suggestions for you, which is invaluable when you are trying to sell your own home.

Step 2

Research what your home is worth. You can access local home values through your newspaper and many online sources. One of the most prominent sites that lists ballpark home values is Zillow.

Step 3

Prepare a listing sheet. Use pictures of your home and a simple, easy to read bulleted list of highlights. If you do not have a color printer, take the file to a local printer and ask them to print it for you. For formatting help, consider looking at other listings from Realtors' websites to see what you want to include versus what to leave off the sheet.

Step 4

Advertise. You will need to purchase a sign for the yard, which are available at hardware stores. Print your number large and clear. List your home in the local paper. Be sure to highlight the best features and include your contact information. Also, list your home for sale by owner on Craigslist. It is free and receives a lot of traffic.

Step 5

Spread the word. Make sure that you let your co-workers and neighbors know you are trying to sell your house and don't hesitate to ask if they know of anyone that might be interested. You can even email everyone in your address book a copy of your listing sheet. If you are selling your home yourself, you have to be diligent in using every means available to increase the number of potential buyers who see your home.

Step 6

Schedule an open house. Include this information on any listings that you have and be sure to add flags or balloons to the sign in front of the house when you host it. Be sure to have a sign-in sheet for anyone that you show the house to. It should collect the names and phone number of anyone that views your home. Since you are privately selling your home, you need to do the follow up with the potential buyers.

Step 7

Be prepared for the sale. If someone is interested in your home and is ready to make an offer, don't lose the sale because you don't have additional resources ready. Have a real estate contract that can be filled out, as well as names for mortgage professionals and real estate attorneys on hand.