How to Calculate Final Price of an Item On Sale

When you are shopping and find something on sale for 10 percent off of original price, it's easy to figure out how much the item will be with the discount. But for numbers like 35 percent off, it's a little harder. With a few simple tips, there are easy ways to do it.

Step 1

If the article you want to buy is 10 percent off of the marked price, it's easy to figure out. If the scarf originally cost $12 and it's now 10 percent off that price, simply subtract $1.20 from $12. Once you know that, it's easy to figure out any of the other discounts that might arise.


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Step 2

If the coat you want to buy to match your scarf originally cost $129.99, but is now 35 percent off, first round the price off to $130, in which case 10 percent of $130 is $13. Since you are getting 35 percent off, add $13 three times, which is 30 percent. So, in other words, 30 percent of $130 would be $39. What about the other 5 percent? You know you're already getting $39 off because 10 percent was $13. Half of $13 is $6.50, so $6.50 is 5 percent off of $130. We already had $39 off the total and now we add the $6.50 for a total of $45.50 off of the original price.



Step 3

To get the total price of the coat after the 35 percent discount, subtract $45.50 from $130. If you are having trouble and can't calculate it in your head, do it the easy way and subtract $40 from $130. That comes out to $90. Then subtract another $5 to get $85. And let's not forget the 50 cents. So your total cost of the coat after the discount would be $84.50. Now you have to worry about tax. You can calculate the tax the same way, just adding the numbers to the total.



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