How to Find Cheap Apartments for Rent

Finding inexpensive apartments can seem impossible, with rent being high in most cities. However, there is a way to find cheap apartments if you know how to get started.

Step 1

Browse your local newspaper. Not every apartment can be found through an apartment rental service. Often, people advertise their apartments through other venues, especially if they own the house or apartment that they are renting out. Find much lower rates by cutting out the middleman.

Step 2

Look at ads at your local college. If you do not mind having a roommate, you can find apartments that are already rented and all you have to do is sign a lease or pay the apartment lessor each month. Sharing an apartment means more rules you will have to follow to cohabit peacefully but can often mean lower rent.

Step 3

Browse online listings. There are various places to find cheap apartment rentals such as My New Place and Apartment Source. Each offer browsing capabilities by city and state and even what you are willing to pay each month. Other sources include sites such as Craig's List, where you can browse ads that individuals have posted offering apartment rentals.

Step 4

Look for specials from nearby apartment complexes. Many apartment complexes will have their own specials depending on the season or the number of available apartments they have. It can be a special of the first month of rent free or a certain amount off of your rental payment each month. If an apartment complex has too many vacancies, it will be more willing to offer deals and incentives. Always be sure that you can afford the apartment after the deal has run its course.

Step 5

Consider a garage apartment. Homeowners sometimes offer their garage as an apartment rental. This can also include guesthouses on larger properties. Be sure that the garage or guesthouse you plan to rent is legal and able to be rented per your city laws and regulations.