How to Build a Cheap Fence

Chain link fences are an inexpensive alternative to wood or stone fences.

Fences can serve a variety of purposes, from keeping animals in or out of your yard, or simply to keep nosy neighbors from watching you. Wooden fences are nice, but they are normally very expensive and require a lot of work. Chain link fences are much less expensive and do not require as much labor to install. If you want a cheap fence that you can put up quickly, then chain link is the way to go. You don't even have to use top rail beams if you don't want to, which will make installation even faster, and will cost you even less money.

Step 1

Measure the total length of the area you want to fence. Use your tape measure to measure each side and add them all together for the total footage.

Step 2

Purchase enough chain link material for the fence. Chain link fence material is typically sold in rolls of 50 feet. Remember to buy enough fence posts to space one post every 6 to 8 feet. Buy enough caps for the posts as well.

Step 3

Mark a spot every 6 to 8 feet along the fence line for a fence post.

Step 4

Measure and draw a mark 24 inches from the bottom on each fence post. Make sure the marks are at the same spot on all the posts so you will know how far to sink them into the ground.

Step 5

Install one of the end fence posts. Set the post upright in the proper location. Place the post driver over the top of the post. Raise up on the post driver and begin slamming it down onto the post. Continue driving the post into the ground until the mark you made near the bottom is even with the surface of the soil.

Step 6

Repeat the post installation for the other end of the fence line. You should now have both end posts installed for the section of fence.

Step 7

Tie a string to one of the end posts. Walk the string down to the other end post and tie it to the post. Use the string as a guide to keep the other posts in a straight line. Make sure the edges of the posts touch the string while you install them.

Step 8

Set the roll of chain link material upright on the ground, next to the first fence post. Attach the end of the fence to the post with metal fence ties. Use a pair of pliers to bend and twist the ties around the post.

Step 9

Unroll the fence material all the way down to the last fence post. Cut the fence material to size. Pull the slack out of the chain link, then tie the chain to the end post.

Step 10

Use fence ties to attach the fence material to the middle fence posts. Use at least two or three ties per post.

Step 11

Place post caps on the fence posts.


To build the fence as inexpensively as possible, you do not have to use top rail supports or any of the other fencing hardware. Make sure the chain link is tied tightly to each fence post, since you are not using support beams (top rails).

Things You'll Need

  • Tape measure

  • Metal fence posts

  • Marker

  • Post driver

  • String

  • Chain link fence material

  • Fence ties

  • Pliers

  • Wire cutters

  • Post caps

  • Top rail pieces