How to Find Government Grants for Senior Housing

How to Find Government Grants for Senior Housing. Perhaps you've seen too many seniors in your community who can't cope with increases in property taxes and insurance payments. Or, you see seniors who can't handle living alone, but aren't so helpless they need a nursing home. Maybe you've already started a senior-housing non-profit and you need funding. Either way, it may be time to see how government grants can help.

Step 1

Decide what sort of project you have in mind. If you want to provide housing for disabled seniors, that's a more demanding project than housing fit seniors who can live independently, and may draw from a different grant pool.

Step 2

Think about what sort of organization you need to set up. You'll have more success as a not-for-profit corporation than if you apply for grants as an individual.

Step 3

Research grant options online. Several websites such as and will enable you to identify grants that suit your needs.

Step 4

Compare the grants available. Assess which ones you can apply for, which of those will do the job you want, and which of them you have the best shot at. Writing applications will take time and effort, so concentrate on the most suitable prospects.

Step 5

Learn how to write grant applications. There are books and websites that will teach you what information you need to give the government and the standards you have to live up to, such as demonstrating a need for your project and measuring the benefits.


There are many existing housing organizations around the country. Find local or regional groups, tell them what you're planning and use their advice to improve your applications.