How to Identify a Store Coupon and Manufacturer Coupon

Knowing the difference between store coupons and manufacturer coupons can be beneficial. By learning the difference you can maximize your savings by combining the two on one product.

Step 1

A manufacturer coupon is a coupon that is issued from the manufacturer. Most of these come from the coupon inserts in the Sunday paper. You can also find manufacturer coupons in home mailings, Internet-printed coupons, blinkies, tear pads and peelies. You can easily identify a manufacturer coupon because the words "manufacturer coupon" will be printed on the coupon, usually next to the expiration date. Manufacturer coupons also have a double, divided bar code.

Step 2

A store coupon is a coupon issued by a particular store for use only at that specific store. Most store coupons can be found in the stores weekly ads, but occasionally you can find them in other places. Some stores, such as Food Lion, will have store coupons you can print out online by going to their store website. The way you can identify these coupons is because they will say "store coupon" on them and will have the store name on them. In addition, these coupons will have a single set bar code.

Step 3

Catalina coupons may be the exception to the rule between store and manufacture coupons. These are printed with your receipt at the register. Catalinas will have the store name on them and usually say something like "redeemable only at ABC store." However, at the top they will be listed as a manufacture coupon. If it were a true manufacture coupon, then you would be able to redeem it anywhere, at any store. However, if it were a store coupon, it wouldn't be listed as a manufacture coupon. The barcode on a Catalina is also consistent with a manufacture coupon and not a store coupon. The downfall of these is that you cannot use a Catalina with another store or manufacture coupon. They can only be used alone.


Most stores let you use both store coupons and manufacturer coupons, together, on one product. Store coupons are kind of like a sale, except you need the coupon to get the sale price. An example would be that if your store has a coupon in its weekly flier for macaroni and cheese for 69 cents and you have a manufacture coupon for 50 cents off macaroni and cheese, you could use these both together to get the box of macaroni and cheese for 19 cents.