Tips for Getting Motivated to Work out Without a Gym Membership

Going to the gym is a great way to inspire yourself to work harder to be your strongest, fittest self. If you're a creep like me, you probably side eye women with great bodies, mentally noting down everything they do so you can try and copy it later. It's a great way to learn better techniques for working out, and also probably get a restraining order against you for weird staring. But gym memberships are expensive, and you can end up paying $80 or more a month, which isn't exactly budget friendly when you're trying to be frugal. I ditched my gym membership for that exact reason (NOT because the girl with the perfect Kim Kardashian glutes told on me), and have had to find ways to motivate myself to work out in the confines of my own home. It is possible! Here's how.

1. Set Aside Time And Be Realistic

It's really wonderful that you think you're going to work out for 45 minutes, 6 days a week, but also I'm laughing at you. Don't be idealistic -- be realistic. Start small (45 minutes, three times a week), and work up from there. Set aside specific days and times that are your workout times, and stick to them like you would a yoga class.

2. Have A Routine

When it's your allotted work out time, don't go into it without a plan. You'll wind up doing a few sit ups and then getting distracted while trying to figure out what to do next. Google workouts for the goal you're trying to achieve (tight abs, nice bum, etc.), and go into each workout with a schedule of exercises you'll be doing -- there are loads of free pdfs and listicles with great movement descriptions and pictorials online.

3. Follow A Workout Video

If you don't feel confident to pull together your own workout routine, there are stacks of free workout videos online. And if you need to see someone else's washboard tummy to inspire you to get your own, pull up a YouTube fitness video and work out with them for added motivation.

4. Get Dressed

It can be really tempting to just work out in your pajamas or without sneakers on when you're at home, but that's the fastest way to "just checking something on Netflix" and winding up on the couch with your hand in a packet of chips. Put on your cute workout outfit, even if you're staying home. It will make you feel like a real fitness professional.

5. Go Outside

Working out at home doesn't mean you have to only work out at home. Go outside! Run, skip, walk, hop down your street, or even use your backyard or local park for your circuit training. Steps, playgrounds and outdoor seating can make great makeshift gym equipment.