Journaling to Achieve Your Goals

The new year is the time when we take stock of our lives and set goals for the coming months. It's a time of excitement, when everything feels fresh and attainable. Yet, we often lose track of our goals. The solution? It might be journaling.

Journaling your goals can help you in a couple of ways; it reminds you what you set out to do and it helps to frame your actions in a positive manner. Even though you haven't achieved your goal yet, a goal-setting journal helps you to celebrate the work you have done.

One way to better your chances of achieving what you want out of 2017 is with a goal-setting journal. So how do you do it?

The first step is to write down what you want out of 2017 — all of your goals. Even the super scary ones.

At the end of each week, you jot down the steps that you have taken towards each goal. They can be steps you have taken directly towards the goal, or they can be indirect. An example would be if you're developing a skill necessary to achieve a goal.

The way that you journal these goals can be tailored to your personality. If you're someone who is numbers based, a spreadsheet might be the most satisfying way to record goals.

Another option is bullet journaling. Bullet journals, which are all the rage in the Pinterest world right now, are a great way to flex your creative muscles and keep your life organized to military precision. With bullet journaling, you get the satisfaction of writing by hand, and our favorite part is the index—where you catalog what is on each page so that it doesn't get lost.

For those who feel overwhelmed by the prospect of coming up with their own goal journal — sometimes adding one more element is enough to make a new practice overwhelming — check out Powersheets by Lara Casey. These journals are designed to help you "uncover purpose-filled goals and plan action steps towards making what matters happen." Plus, they come in really fun colors. The twelve-month planners for 2017 have already sold out, but you can pre-order a six-month planner for the back half of 2017 here.

Whatever method you choose, the important thing is to take time out of each week to reinforce your goals and reflect on the positive steps you have taken to achieve said goals. You're more likely to get what you want, and along the way, you get to celebrate the way you slay.