Amazon Prime Apparently Has a Beauty Box and It’s a Crazy-Good Deal

Ever want to try a new luxury brand but afraid to drop cash on something you might not like? With your Amazon Prime membership, you can order a $20 box of 20 up-market samples and get a $20 credit towards the purchase of a full-sized product. As usual, the Amazon Prime members get all the good stuff. If your style is more drug store than beauty counter, there's a $10 option for you, too. And you still get the sweet account credit!

Reviews of the box are a little bit all over the place, but mostly positive:

I was not disappointed in my order. I got some awesome products to try. There were different types of samples in my kit, 3 hair product samples, a nail polish, two eye serums, two pore refiners, a hand lotion, a BB cream, a pre shave lotion, a scrub, and others that I cannot think of right now. Some of the names I received were Elizabeth Arden, Meaningful Beauty, Ahava and Calvin Klein. Now that I look at the image with the kit, I see that I pretty much got exactly what is currently being shown. I love the hand cream and am debating between getting that or a stila palette with my credit. I am not giving this five stars because I think the packaging could be improved on. There was not enough items to keep the contents from shaking around. The individual items are not all marked with instructions on how to use them. The box they items comes is is really cute and I will keep it. I just wish that more tissue or even air cushions had been added...nothing was broken but some of the items looked a little mushed. - JustJanet

Samples do vary box to box, but people have reportedly received luxury products like these:

Image Credit: Sapling

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