#TheBestMoneyIEverSpent Is Trending on Twitter and People Have Some Weird Answers

When topics start trending on Twitter, it's always a fascinating window into America's beautiful and twisted soul. So when #TheBestMoneyIHaveEverSpent started trending, we had to see what people were saying.

On the more earnest/serious side, people seemed happy to spend on things of greater importance like family and charity. But family was probably noted the most.

With "family" also meaning pets!

People were more than happy to spend on health and personal improvement.

Or career and education — things that were helping them work towards a better future.

Experiences were also big: Travel, concerts, etc.

Surprisingly, technology was popular: Coffee makers/grinders, iPhones, Xboxes.

And then there were the truly ridiculous...like this person, who spent a fortune on Halloween candy just gone on sale.

One woman said the best money she spent was on high-speed internet...for cat videos. Which, tbh, same.

Um. Okay...?

I mean. Apparently lap dances are life-changing!

Really? This seems like the person got the assignment wrong.


What about you? Best money you ever spent?