Here's How 7 Contestants on This Season's "Bachelor" Make Their Money

On this season of MILF Island The Bachelor, we'll learn who Nick will choose to be his love for life. There's a healthy lineup of bachelorettes to choose from, and as usual, they all Sadly, there are no Chicken Enthusiasts this season, totally disappointing. We all know how they come up with their titles, but what about their salaries? How much does an aspiring dolphin trainer earn? Let's check it out:

credit: ABC

Alexis, Aspiring Dolphin Trainer

credit: ABC

She really isn't a trainer yet, but should she accomplish her aspirations, Alexis will earn just over $40,000 per year.

Angela, Model

credit: ABC

The salary range for models is vast. Some make $15 per hour and some won't get out of bed for less that $10,000. Angela is beautiful and could have a very lucrative career as a Noxema Girl impersonator, so I think she'll be just fine.

Christen, Wedding Videographer

credit: ABC

Christen probably makes about $35,000 per year filming weddings. More importantly, she gets to talk about "being on the other side of the lens" during her interviews - priceless.

Jasmine B., Flight Attendant

credit: ABC

Flight attendants average $40,000 per year, depending on the airline. The perks far outweigh the salary, with free flights and upgrades galore.

Jasmine G., Pro Basketball Dancer

credit: ABC

Shockingly, the NBA's professional dancers only make $15 per hour!

Lauren, Law School Graduate

credit: ABC

Since she has just graduated, Lauren isn't earning a salary yet - but she's most likely about $100,000 in debt.

Whitney, Pilates Instructor

credit: ABC

Pilates instructors earn an average of $40 per hour, unless they offer private instruction, which can bring in up to $150 per hour.

credit: ABC

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