Holiday Gifting Solutions (That Don't Leave You Looking Like Scrooge)

The holidays can mean that budgets are stretched more than usual: Plane tickets, festive food, and all those gift-giving occasions add up! All of the options below are $25 or less and (most) can also be split into smaller, even less-expensive options as well—so you can give one gift that looks lavish or multiple gifts that tastefully impress. Better still? We've grouped them by store, so you can just run in and out and gift up a storm.


Option #1: The tea lover

Lizzy Royal Purple Teapot , $14.95

White Teacup with Rainbow Snake Saucer, [$9.95]( teacup with rainbow snake saucer&ta=rainbow snake)

Option #2: The sweet tooth

Quin Chai Tea Lollipops, [$6.95]( chai tea lollipops&ta=quin)

Quin Dreams Come True Fruit Chews, $11.95

Quin Salty Sweet Caramels, $6.95

Option #3: The Well-Groomed Gentleman

Perry Black & Brass Soap Dish, $12.95

Volcanic Ash Soap, [$6.95]( ash soap&ta=volcanic)

Copper Tweezers, [$3.95]( tweezers)


Option #1: The baking genius (and their little assistant)

Vinter 2016 Apron, $7.99

Vinter 2016 Children's Apron, $4.99

Chocolate/Marzipan Molds, $1.99

3-Piece Container Set, $8.99

Option #2: The future chef

Duktig 14-piece Vegetable Set, $7.99

Latsas 11-piece Shopping Basket Set, $12.99

Duktig 5-piece Kitchen Utensil Set, $3.99

Option #3: The sleeping beauty

Axag pillow, $3.50

Vinter Slippers, $9.99

Vinter duvet cover & pillowcase, $9.99

Metropolitan Museum of Art

Option #1: The world traveler

Three Gods Tote Egyptian, $15

Jackal Sculpture, $7

Egyptian Silly Bandz, $1

Option #2: The glamour girl

Jet-Colored Teardrop Bead Necklace, $5

Tassel Necklace with Jet-Colored Beads, $17.50

Option #3: The geeky art enthusiast

Coffee Table Book, $25