How to Qualify for a Boat Loan

Obtain a copy of your current credit report. If possible, pull a credit report from each of the three main reporting bureaus. This is because you may not be aware of which bureau the loan institution chooses to use, and there may be line items on one report that do not appear on the other two. Reading your credit report before applying for the boat loan gives you the chance to have incorrect data updated or removed.

Gather documents about your current debts. This will include all outstanding credit card debt, mortgages, along with auto or any other type of loans. The idea is to determine how much of your current monthly income is already committed to other debts.

Assemble documentation that prove your currently monthly income. For persons who are employed with a company, your paycheck stubs will include all pertinent information. For persons who are self-employed, an income statement showing your gross income will be required, along with an income/expense statement to show how much you are paying in taxes and what other expenses you have related to your work.

Take along copies of your most recent tax returns. These help to also establish your credit worthiness and serve as another means of verifying your annual income.

Compile a listing of personal references. Ideally, this will not be just family members, but also others who are familiar enough to offer a positive opinion about the way you conduct yourself. Hearing from personal references that you are reliable and tend to keep your word will go a long way toward helping you get that boat loan.