How to Sell Clothes on eBay

There's plenty of opportunity to make money selling clothes on eBay. To get the best bang for your buck, choose clothing that sells well, include relevant details in your product description, and respond promptly to earn positive feedback from your buyer.

Step 1: Choose the Clothes

Selling your old clothes on eBay allows you to get cash for a purchase you've already made. If you'd to increase your profits, purchase new clothing for resale.

In her article, Charlene Davis -- author of "Making Big Profits on eBay" -- notes that designer-label clothing aimed at adults and teens sells particularly well. Davis recommends brands Prada, Coach and Banana Republic for adults and teens and brands like Gap, Old Navy and Gymboree for kids. In a U.S. News article, successful eBay clothing seller Miriam Otto agrees that name-brand and lightweight items make sense for reselling.

If you want to purchase clothing for resale, you can buy wholesale from either the manufacturer or another seller or purchase merchandise from sample sales in your area. Retailers use sample sales to get rid of extra merchandise or clothing that was used on mannequins. To find sample sales, contact manufacturers directly or subscribe to their mailing list. You can also check online fashion websites like Racked or look for newspaper ads to find sample sales in your area.

Other potential sources for clothes are flea markets, used clothing stores and garage sales. You can import clothes from other countries, but be sure to review import laws and trade barriers before choosing that route.


EBay prohibits users from selling certain clothing from certain brands, like Diesel and Crocs. Visit the webpage for a full list of prohibited brands.

Step 2: List on eBay

To sell on eBay, you must create an eBay account and a PayPal account and link an active bank account via PayPal. From the eBay home screen, navigate to "My eBay" and select "Sell an Item." The website prompts you to enter basic information about the item, such as the size, brand, condition, photos and a description. You then set an auction time frame, starting price, "Buy it Now" price and shipping fees.

Your potential customers won't have the opportunity to try on the clothes, so include garment measurements in your description whenever possible. Mention any defects up front to avoid misunderstandings after the sale.

When uploading photos, take pictures that capture any defects or irregularities in the clothing. Note that eBay doesn't allow sellers to use a stock photo as the main photo for a clothing item unless the item is sold new.

Step 3: Ship and Request Feedback

If someone purchases your item, you're obligated to ship the item within the shipping time frame you selected for the auction. Use supplies that protect the clothes during shipping process. A padded envelope may work for a small blouse, but you're best off with a box for larger items. Include padding, such as bubble wrap, foam or packing peanuts to buffer the item from rough handling in transit.

After you receive payment for your item, leave feedback for your buyer. A high buyer feedback score makes customers more apt to purchase your products, so communicate with your buyer as needed to ensure the transaction goes smoothly. If she has received the item and hasn't left feedback for you, it's okay to send a message and request positive feedback.