How to Get a Sam's Club Credit Card

Sam's Club offers personal and business credit cards with different benefits. The personal cards include Sam's Club Savings Mastercard and Sam's Club Savings Credit Card. The business cards include Sam's Club Business MasterCard and Sam's Club Business Credit Card. These cards are exclusive to Sam's Club members so non-members would have to begin with an application for club membership.

Where to Find Credit Applications

Sam's Club provides credit card applications at its stores and on its website. Personal credit applicants can apply online or at a store. Although the business credit application is available on the site, applicants cannot complete or submit it online. You must download the form, complete it in blue or black ink and submit in person at a local branch. Click the "Sam's Club Credit" link at the top of the home page to access the applications.

Applying for Credit

The required information depends on the card you need. Personal credit card applications require information such as your contact details, annual income, length of time at your current address, Social Security number and driver's license number. Business credit card applications require information such as your business membership number, your company's name and address, name of your contact person and billing representative. For certain businesses -- including those that have less than $5 million in annual sales or are less than two years old -- a high-ranking official must guarantee payment of the credit debt in case the business cannot pay it off. The personal guarantor can be the president or chairman, vice president, owner or partner. To apply, the guarantor must provide the same types of personal details as personal card holders. Sam's Club issues credit cards by mail upon approval.